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Essay about Brent Staples A Brothers Murder - 741 Words

Brent Staples A Brothers Murder nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;A belief I feel very strongly about proposes that all problems faced by our society have solutions. If this belief is true, why do problems still face us today? The answer could be a result of either laziness by the people in our society in finding these solutions or just the fact that there are too many problems to solve. Maybe this belief I have is too far out of reach to be true. On the other hand, Brent Staples, a well-respected writer, seems to share this idea with me. In his works, he displays a great deal of motivation to solve particular problems faced by society. In quot;A Brothers Murder,quot; he uses a personal account of murder within the streets caused by†¦show more content†¦In most other parts of the country, you can have an argument with one of your best friends and not get killed over it. Blake was shot six time s by a good friend over an argument about a former girlfriend. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Brent Staples grew up in the same type of atmosphere as his little brother Blake. As Staples explains in paragraph four of quot;A Brothers Murder,quot; he chose a different lifestyle. He disagreed with the childish attitude of the death-ridden people on his street. He chose a path of going to college and leading a successful career. He was lucky enough and smart enough to leave those streets. quot;Upwardly mobilequot; was how Brent put it. In Blakes lifestyle moving up means killing more people to gain social standing within his gang. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Brent took a trip to his brothers home to intervene with his situation. What he saw was someone taken over by life on the streets. He was obsessed by this lifestyle of teetering between life and death, because that was all for which he had to live. This was clear on the surface, but his own brother could look deeper. He could see his true human character. Brent saw his brother as a human being who he cared deeply for and wanted to help. However, when our society looks at these people killing each other, they see young kids with no hope and no feelings. I believe this inability to give people a chance is whatShow MoreRelatedA Brother s Murder By Brent Staples And My Father s Life978 Words   |  4 Pagesmistakes. In literature many writers have been influenced by their families two great examples are â€Å"A Brother’s Murder† by Brent Staples and â€Å"My father’s Life† by Raymond Carver, both writers express in great detail how families have shaped and affected them as individuals. The essay â€Å"A Brother’s Murder† by Brent Staples basically shadows over the life of Brent staples and his younger brother Blake who has lost the battel of the streets to death. Unfortunately Brent’s early years were hard and roughRead MoreRhetorical Devices in Night Walker by Brent Staples Essay634 Words   |  3 PagesBrent Staples uses vivid language and rhetorical devices to express and convey the elements of fear, anger, and violence. We all make many decisions based on past experiences. That’s how we learn to avoid touching a hot stove burner for example. It’s also about how we learn to do things that bring us pleasure. So we all develop discriminating behavior, but when that discrimination is based purely on the color on that person’s skin, or his ethnicity, without knowing anything else about that personRead MoreJust Walk On By Black Men And Public Space By Brent Staples1433 Words   |  6 PagesJust walk on by Black Men and Publ ic Space by Brent Staples is an interesting and captivating piece of writing. His publication captures one s interest and makes a person think about the role of prejudice in his or her daily interactions. It is full of metaphors, which achieves the desired figurative effect. The Declaration of Independence, on the other hand, is the founding document of the traditions of the politics of the United States (Lucas). It clearly explains the fundamental ideas that constituteRead MoreI Can t Breathe ( Barghi )1318 Words   |  6 PagesOn February 26, 2012, a 17 year-old Black teenager was shot to death in Florida. His name was Trayvon Martin and he was shot when returning from a store. He was a junior at Dr, Michael M. Krop High School and lived with his mother and older brother in Miami Gardens, Florida. His last words were â€Å"What are you following me for?†(Barghi). On July 17, 2014, an elderly Black man was choked to death in New York. His name was Eric Garner and he was har assed for the acquisition of selling single cigarettesRead MoreLaw and Order Injustice1120 Words   |  5 Pagesdrugs. The news reporters every day file cases of police officers using their power to control and abuse the law by hurting citizens by their image of clothing and color of their skin. In â€Å"A Brother’s Murder† a journalist talks about his experience living in a poor neighborhood and how his brother tragically died in a city of crime. No it does not mean it is always out in the public there are cases where officers hide what they did and get away with it. The laws support the officers in their favor

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William Goldings Lord of the Flies and John Knowles A...

Think of two twins who are not physically alike but have reflecting and opposite personalities. These two people are shadows of one another and resemble the duality of good vs. evil. These types of counterpart characters are known as doppelgangers. A doppelganger is an alter ego of ones charisma. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies and John Knowles’ A Separate Peace, the characters Ralph/Jack and Gene/Finny represent doppelgangers, explaining how they complement each other and maintain supremacy. One significant pair of characters who separate is Ralph and Jack. Their dual natures cause differences among themselves due to various reasons. From a physical standpoint, Jack is described as â€Å"tall, thin, and bony: and his hair was red†¦show more content†¦From the beginning, Ralph is elected chief of the boys and his authority is based upon the conch. The conch symbolizes democracy and Ralph’s power. Soon Jack’s jealously and addiction to savagery increased his desire to be chief. During one argument scene, Jack says, And you shut up! Who are you, anyway? Sitting there telling people what to do. You cant hunt, you cant sing.(Golding) Jack begins to show character of an evil leader in himself; he blames Ralph for not doing anything productive for everyone. Implying that Jack alters the other boys’’ decisions between right and wrong, he continues to strive for dictatorship using brutal force. Likewise, Ralph stays democratic and gives other boys respect. †Ralph realistically confronts the problem of survival and works out a practical plan for rescue. Jack is quick to revert to savagery, dishonesty, violence.† (Dickson 12-26) Contrary to Lord of the Flies, A Separate Peace features dominance over friendship. To begin with, Gene leads himself into malevolence towards Finny. â€Å"Gene is the persecuting double, bent upon his own selfish will to power and desired annihilation of Finny, while Finny is the beneficent double, through his sacrificial death bringing about hope and spiritual growth for Gene.† (Slethaug 259-270) Gene wants to eliminate Finny from his life and become the best at the Devon School. Gene’s character was approached in an egotistical manner . Another factor which increased control over friendship is

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Marketing Plan Tesla Motors

Quuestion: Discuss about theMarketing Plan for Tesla Motors. Answer: Situational Analysis Tesla Motors was established in the year 2003. A group of engineers formed the company. Teslas products include the cars that are affordable. Teslas engineer firstly, started with the design of a power train for a sports car that was built around an AC induction motor. Nikola Tesla patented the company in the year 1888. The Tesla Roadster was launched in the year 2008. In the year, 2012 Tesla launched Model S. Teslas vehicles are manufactured at its factory at Fremont and California. The company has provided thousands of jobs in these areas and the manufacturing plants of the company produces 1000 cars a week. The cars of Tesla have the charging points that can be charged at home so, they do not have to visit the gas station. The company is planning to expand its operations in the areas of Tilburg, The Netherlands, Lathrop and California. The SWOT analysis of the company is being shown below Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat 1. Unique proposition in the auto market 1. Lack of capital to invest 1. The company is targeting to reduce the cost 1. The industry in which the company deals is highly competitive in nature 2. The unit of sales has been increasing rapidly 2. High debt of the company 2. The product of the company are innovative. 2. The company does not use much of the advertisement or promotional activities Source: Author Marketing Goal The marketing strategy will result in increase of the revenue. The shares of the company reported the huge loss for the year 2015. In the year 2016, the investor is going to report the huge losses. The return on investment (ROI) provided to the investors are in negative but in the coming years the ROI will be improved. The marketing goal of the company is to start the company with the making of the sports car to make the car competitive in the market. The company has the aim to accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy ("Elon Musk Has a Marketing Plan. Do You?", 2016). Marketing Strategy The Tesla cars costs around or more than $1, 00,000 ("Forbes Welcome", 2016). The company must hire the dealers in order to increase the sales and the revenue. The price should be negotiable not much flexible but should be flexible. The test drive plays an important role while purchasing a car. The Tesla cars are not provided for the test drive until and unless the deposit of $5,000 has been m deposited. The buyer has to wait for long in order to get the car at their doorstep. The cars should be high volume car and the prices should be high. Tesla does not spend much on the advertisement. Whereas, on the other hand, the competitors of the Tesla spends much on the advertisement (Keith O'Brien, 2016). Nissan motors spend approximate $25 million in advertising. This lack of advertisement is bad for the company. The cars of Tesla are the most expensive ones (McCarthy, 2013). They are named as the new luxury brand. Tesla has the long way to make profits. The company has the orders of more than 18,000 luxury cars ("Teslas Radical Marketing Strategy", 2016). Teslas market focuses on the group of individuals that are in need of the upscale vehicles. People who tend to have a high income to afford the cars. The cars are pollution friendly. The Teslas newest model i.e. Model S focus lies on the family as it can seat up to seven passengers ("That new Tesla probably won't be as cheap as you think", 2016). The target market of the Tesla cars ranges between the age of the 30-60. The company also focuses and makes the product in the upper middle class families. An individual earning an income of $80,000 can buy the cars of the Teslas. Tesla uses the online sales model in order to, sell the cars ("Tesla's $0 Marketing Budget Is Great Marketing", 2016). A completely company owned distribution model is very much new in the market and faces several challenges. The biggest challenge that company faces is the setting up its own network of distribution. The setting up of the distrib ution channel requires a substantial amount of the capital. Target Customers The target market of the Teslas cars is the upper middle class. The individuals who are looking for the high performance electric car. The main targeted audiences of the company are upper middle class that includes wealthy and rich segment of the society (Zart, 2014). Value Proposition The value proposition considers the positions and differentiates companies and the brands from each other. It also explains what consumers will benefit from the existing competitors, products and services. The value proposition explains how to compare the product and service cost (Zart, 2014). Marketing Tactics Product- Tesla Motors Inc. targets its competitors with the help of the online sales, stores, test drives.. The cars of Tesla are different and the technology used in making the cars is different. The company mainly focuses on the electronic device in order to sell the cars that it manufactures. The company should use the dealer model in order to increase the sales and revenue. The company should invest in building the dealer network ("Teslas bold approach to advertising: Dont do it", 2016). Price- The price that the car cost is $ 60,000- $1, 00,000 ("Musk Reboots Tesla's China Strategy", 2015). The company is targeting the upper middle class and the businessman who can afford to buy the cars. Distribution- The cars of Tesla are winning all the awards that gasoline cars used to win. The company should invest a huge amount in its research and development programme. The company can tie up with the third party developers and sell the cars through them. The expansion of the operation is very much necessary for the company. The company should employee the commissioned sales person in order to increase the sales of t he company. The transactions that are conducted online for Tesla shall have the option of both physical mode of payment and online mode of payment. The company does not have a stock in hold. The company makes Model S only on orders. Any of the Tesla cars are not provided for the test-drives until and unless the end-users pay a deposit of $5,000. In many countries where the buyer cannot see or drive the car even after paying the deposits. The buyer who places the order for the cars wait in line for months or years in getting the delivery. The price for the car that i s fixed and not negotiable. The price that the car cost is $ 60,000- $1, 00,000 ("Musk Reboots Tesla's China Strategy", 2015). The individual who are paying for buying the Tesla car is not just investing in the car rather investing in the future. Teslas story was not on billboards, TV commercial. Tesla lack of advertisement is the big negative for the company. The site where the cars are manufactured or the office is built are very much clean and tidy ("Ad Age Homepage - AdAge", 2016). The company should be master in driving and press coverage, reviews and awards for the cars. The company tries to make the best cars and for the promotions of the best cars the company should use different types of the promotions In order to, make the innovations known to the market. The Tesla Motors Inc. should use internet marketing. The company must use e-mail marketing wherein the company can reach to the businessman and the upper middle class. The distribution strategy of the Tesla is much differ ent as compared to the other companies like Ford, Fiat Chrysler, General Motors and many others ("The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)", 2006). The company is using the selling strategy for its cars. The buyers buy and book the car online. Tesla does not have dealers that would help in convincing and selling the cars ("Teslas Marketing Strategy: Accelerating the World into Sustainable Transport", 2015). Not having dealers is actually turn out to be the double edged sword Promotion- The Company should also make tie-ups with the third party to increase their sales. The company should also drive the big budget campaigns. The company should have tie-ups with the dealers in order to make profits and increase the revenue of the business. However, the dealers earn more by selling the tune-ups, selling services and the add-ons ("Tesla's China Strategy Could Make It the Apple of the Automobile", 2016). However, in order to increase the footfalls in the store the staffs should be trained. The staff must be trained and possess the convincing power. The technology used in the cars should be kept on modifying. The software should be kept on modifying to provide the feeling that the car is not just a depreciating lump ("The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)", 2006). The company must take advantage of the social media. The social media plays a vital role in making the people aware of the new product that is being introduced in the market. Fr om the survey, it can be analyzed that the company can penetrate into the market with the help of the social media advertisement ("Teslas bold approach to advertising: Dont do it", 2016). The shopping of cars is becoming a social experience. Tesla does not spend much of the capital in advertisements so in order to increase the sales and target the market the company should use hoardings and television advertisements ("Ad Age Homepage - AdAge", 2016). References 2013: Teslas media strategy: build a brand without spending on advertising The Mercury News. (2016) Retrieved 20 October 2016, from Ad Age Homepage - AdAge. 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